investment in Jordan

Jordan is increasingly gaining popularity as an international business and investment hub. It has a unique combination of attributes that create an attractive environment for foreign business and investment. 

These attributes consist of the following:-

Unique and Strategic Location

  • Situated at the convergence of Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Transportation hub of the Middle East
  • Access to the Red Sea through the Port of Aqaba, and other ports via neighbouring countries

Stable Political Environment

  • Stable leadership under the Hashemite monarchy, supported by the democratically elected Parliament
  • Guaranteed freedom of speech, conscience, press, association, private property including intellectual property rights
  • Firm commitment to private sector development

Free Market-Oriented Economy

  • Economic policies based on outward-oriented, private sector-led approach
  • Ongoing privatization of major state-owned enterprises
  • Significant advances in structural and legal reform

Attractive Investment Climate and Package of Incentives

  • Projects are exempted from income and social service taxes by 25%, 50%, or 75% for a ten year period, depending on the location of the project
  • Imported fixed assets are 100% exempted from customs duties and taxes
  • Imported spare parts for fixed assets can be exempted from fees and taxes
  • Additional exemption from customs duties and income tax is granted for the expansion, modernization, or development of existing projects
  • Revenues on exports exempted from income taxes
  • Ease of licensing and registration procedures
  • Free repatriation of capital, profits and salaries
  • Hotels and hospitals may purchase furniture and supplies without customs duties once ever seven years for renewal purposes

Access to Major International Markets

  • Duty and quota free access to the US market through the Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ)
  • Duty free access to EU markets
  • Access to 17 Arab countries through the GAFTA
  • Bilateral agreements and favorable protocols with over 20 countries
  • Member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

Free Zones and Industrial Estates

  • Jordan’s investors benefit from five public free zones and several private free zones
  • There are six public industrial estates and six private industrial estates
  • Cost-effective land and factory buildings
  • Reasonable costs of utilities including power and water
  • Access to wide range of ancillary services
  • Comprehensive network of roads and infrastructure

Qualified and Competitive Human Resources

  • Abundant workforce 
  • Young and highly educated population
  • High literacy rates of 92%
  • High rates of tertiary education
  • Highly competitive wage rates

World Class Infrastructure and Communications

  • State telephone company, Telecommunications Corporation was privatized into to a public shareholding company
  • Choice of privately-owned Internet service providers
  • Direct Royal Jordanian flights to 47 major cities in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, North Africa and North America. Served by 26 international airlines. 
  • Modern highway network
  • Major trucking lines ensuring the movement of raw materials to and from the port of Aqaba, as well as to and from ports of neighboring countries
  • Port of Aqaba acts as a strategically located gateway to Jordan, the developing red Sea region, and the Middle East as a whole. 

High Quality of Life

  • Amenities of modern life readily available and affordable
  • High standard public and private education provided in Arabic. English, and French.
  • International standard health services at reasonable rates
  • Developed network of communities, active local and international business associations and cultural centres
  • Traditional festivals, cultural entertainment events, and a wealth of archeological sites
  • Excellent clubs and restaurants

Jordan hosts a wide variety of dynamic sectors, various opportunities for private and joint businesses, private-public partnerships, numerous multi-sectoral development projects, and cutting-edge industries. Jordan stands out in the region for the countless investment opportunities that it has to offer.