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20:00, The Spinning program begins with upbeat music in the gym. Although plagued with weary bodies and academic duties, it is much harder to follow the instructions of the trainer moves around the body. The high interest in the appearance and health As a scene that can be easily spotted eseodeun usual sports center. Developed countries, as well as various attempts for a healthy body down to the common interests of developing countries and people around the world, the future is expected to be even more hot. If so, this moment Will people around the world are devoting any effort to maintain a healthy body?

Middle Eastern healing foundation is Jordan. Iraqi children in Jordan is in cancer treatment hospitals and a picture with the help of volunteers. <Yonhap News provides>

Libya is a Muslim country located in North Africa, we have the people gathered strength dictator Qaddafi ( Gaddafi is widely known as the country came up with the eviction) regime 'Arab Spring'. Despite having a number of people that want to win shed blood, sweat and groan a lot of people injured or lost their lives in the process. The number of atmospheres infrastructure, including hospitals destroyed by the civil war have remained a social problem how to treat them.

Demonstrations against Gaddafi (03/19/2011) <Source: By William Murphy @ wikimedia Commons (CC BY)>

In this regard, the Libyan government has noted the Jordan. The government will pay the hospital and receive treatment for its citizens in a hospital in Jordan. From 2011 until the end of 2013 injured as a crisis of the Arab Spring in Libya which 65,000 people are known to have received medical treatment in Jordan. As well as Yemen, Libya, Palestine, etc. received the support of many governments in the region experienced a similar problem currently searching for medical tourism in Jordan car.

So why bother Libyan government has chosen to Jordan of a number of countries? Although not well-known Korea, Jordan is famous for world-class medical tourist destination. According to a survey in 2011, the World Bank, the regional representative of Jordan is the Arab MENA ( Middle  East  and  North  Africa 1 above, is the world's leading health care in the Middle East enough to be selected as the main stronghold of the top five medical tourism in the Middle East and North Africa) The powerhouse. Thus, countries experiencing war, as well as the Gulf, Levant, North Africa, many countries from Jordan looking for the purpose of treatment.

There Palestinians wounded being treated at Al Hussein Medical Center in Amman, Jordan. (13/07/2014) <Yonhap News provides>


Excellent staff, free communication, low prices

In the Middle East, Jordan is rarely a resource poor countries is no sound even one drop of oil, and "personnel soon national power 'in countries like South Korea. So whether many are doctors with specialty knowledge compared to neighboring countries also to the development of medical technology, medical technicians including doctors deulyigo earning sizeable foreign currency by entering en masse in the Gulf region. Especially cardiac surgery, kidney transplants, ophthalmology field, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, cancer centers, has shown its strengths in the field of dentistry.

King a child at summer camp for children with cancer to progress from Hussein Cancer Center is riding the slides. <Yonhap News provides>

King Hussein Cancer Center building <Source:  King  Hussein  Cancer  Foundation >


Jordan has a lot of strengths in medical communication, not outstanding but also in medical technology. They are not free to speak Arabic can be managed even find so many patients coming your English proficiency as well as the Arab world as well as in the West. The point is that dialogue is possible without a great advantage for medical staff and interpreters treatment progress of the disease.

Jordan has a national interest in health and personally Hussein spared no higher investment and training in relevant areas since the days of King. The result could be provided with a significant infrastructure. Jordan has a nationwide basis in 2013 and a total of 106 medium to large hospitals and two health centers and 1,322 operations, of which 10 are hospitals  JTI ( Joint  Commission International is a high quality also received the approval of the hospital).

Jordan Hospital Jordan Hospital Representative <Source:  KOTRA  Trade Center in Amman>

Physicians per 10,000 population is second only to the United States in the Arab world about to go up to the level of 26 persons. Nurses per 10,000 population of 32 side-by-side and shoulder, and Thailand (34), population 10,000 per pharmacy can have 14 dogs in Japan (19), it is close to the level in Finland (16). Thus, Jordan has a well-equipped infrastructure, medical personnel are overflowing presence in neighboring Jordan to improve the status of health care services.

Features high qualitative level of medical expenses, yet affordable, it is another attraction. The United States, the United Kingdom, more than 40% of developed countries, about 10 percent lower medical costs than neighboring Middle Eastern countries are bound to be attractive to patients who are suffering from medical expenses burden.

According to 2012 statistics, Jordan has recorded a profit of $ 1.5 billion during the year 2012 as a medical tourism, attracting about 250,000 medical tourists from 84 countries around the world.

Why Jordan is spotlighted as a medical tourist destination

MENA ( Middle  East  and  North  Africa , the Middle East and North Africa) map. Gotta show it in blue. <Source: Wikipedia >

Medical technology, as well as political and social stability, affordable treatment, the Middle East and North Africa geographical advantage located in the center, a mild climate, rich in tourist attractions and the solidarity of the Arab culture, such as attracting medical tourists from the Middle East are a force in Jordan.

Neighboring countries of Syria, Iraq, Israel-Palestine there to begin with those around Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon, including the dispute is suffering from a headache, Jordan is located in the middle of the island, as it takes the neutral zone. Positional also a middle ground, but it also has a political pro-Arab and pro-Western (including the US) does not turn in either disposition.

The majority of the people belong to the Sunni religious family, but not a rejection of other religions. Foreigners also friendly and, above all, the English language level of benefits to citizens is considerably higher. As such, thanks to achieved political and social stability in  MENA  regional patients the confidence to find Jordan.

Petra <Source:  By  Leon  Petrosyan  @ Wikimedia  Commons  ( CC  BY )>

If the midday sun is hot only in the evening or in the shade with a cool breeze filled the whole body can feel the weather in Jordan Petra ( Petra ), the Dead Sea ( Dead  Sea ), Jerash ( Jerash ), Wadi Rum ( Wadi  Rum ), such as a global tourist destination The gathering also helped to bring the Middle East tourists. It enjoys a mild climate to further deseo to treat your body will enjoy looking at the sights that can be purified to mind.

Wadi Rum <Source:  By  Zairon  @ Wikimedia  Commons  ( CC  BY )>

Finally, the point is that Jordan Arab culture is an important factor in the medical hub of the Middle East. Spanning the Middle East in Arab culture in North Africa in the long (the area typically Arab World ( Arab  World people who belong to) is called) tend reluctant to get out of the area. Because the language barrier, as well as yiyo, many difficulties to travel to other cultures, while keeping stringent rules of Islam. The Jordanian Arab culture, for this reason serves as a great advantage. In addition, Jordan is a charming viscosity that are listed at the beginning of the Arab culture, yet relatively open to different cultures, because compared to other Arab countries.


Medical services, as well as to skin care

Deneun many people are looking for Jordan for the purpose of medical tourism is another reason. Mines and famous Dead Sea spa (just as good on the skin Hammamat  Ma ' in because) there is. Dead Sea, Jordan side by side in the West and Main Hot Springs is located both under the sea. The Dead Sea is the ocean floor about 400m, spa Mine is on the seabed about 200m or so. There are two areas because of the nature of the oxygen gas is heavier than other oxygen in the air is very rich.

The Dead Sea is well known for floating bodies into the sea. Because the number of times the high concentration of salt than regular sea water. Most of the tourists in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is jjikdeut pictures to pose batchineun the tower by hand, here are tourists looking for a souvenir photo shoots posing each one reading a book afloat on the water. In fact, Athletic for medical tourists is having another.

The Dead Sea water contains natural minerals enriched over thirty. Which is higher by about twelve kinds are rare enough to be found only in the Dead Sea. Salt is produced here, Mud prevent skin aging, skin, removing impurities, such as atopic dermatitis have efficacy in treating skin and joint pain, as well as metabolic activation and the effect is also reportedly excellent. This was because that the Dead Sea is famous for bathing since ancient foundation of the royal family, also called the world's first spa where they existed. The body also floats on water but immerse the body in here can actually enjoy the feeling to be lighter body.

Main Hot Springs waterfall <Source:  KOTRA  Trade Center in Amman>

Mine Onsen hot spring temperatures and a signpost to guide the seabed height <Source:  KOTRA  Trade Center in Amman>

Main hot spring tourists who while no general well-known form of Mine Onsen hot spring waterfall in the world's only advantage is that it features hot spring water falling from above, unlike the general pulled water from underground hot springs to enjoy. The reason is because such a form as possible at the same height as the underground mine springs. Main spas are located on the seabed 200 meters and maintain the temperature of the hot water is 40-65 degrees amount. It turned the hot water spout coming out of the basalt has an excellent effect on dermatological skin care and improve it contains a large amount of hwangyeom. If the pressure is below a significant level of cascading waterfalls can be followed by a massage with hot water, a waterfall behind can enjoy a natural sauna there is a natural cave. This is made of natural bath itself. Thanks to this same effect on Mine Onsen has a lot of local people look interested in skin care as well as foreign tourists.


Impact and Future of Health Tourism

Although medical tourism in Jordan is just reaping big profits, it is also challenging its effects. Related industries, as well as the patient will find a Jordanian medical purposes and their families are not forced to use hospitality, catering, etc., transportation and tourism are receiving those benefits. Jordan is no reason to raise the medical tourism right here.

Medical infrastructure and building hospitals, etc. can not be driven mainly governments, universities, but ignore the contribution of private hospitals. According to the Jordanian government in 2012 accounted for 57% of hospitals are private hospitals, which are responsible for 31% of the Jordanian healthcare industry. In recent years, domestic and foreign capitalists are investing for private hospitals and increased. Representative to the Arab Medical Center Hospital (founded by Saudi investment funds Arab  Medical  Center has).

Arab Medical Center <Source:  Arab  Medical  Center >

Most private hospitals are in Jordan Private Hospital Association ( Private  Hospital  AssociationPHA belongs to). Jordan Private Hospitals Association has spurred investment and active, introduced advanced medical equipment, introduction of advanced medical system.  KOTRA  Trade Office in November 2013 in Amman, Jordan Private Hospitals Association of Medical representatives from seven countries and the Middle East to strengthen cooperation with them Buyers invited relevant seminars, conference,  MOU  , etc. A comprehensive 'u- Health Plaza (U- Health  Plaza has hosted a) 2013.

u- Health Plaza, 2013 <Source:  KOTRA  Trade Center in Amman>

Jordanian government has presented a blueprint for the medical industry revival. Expanding medical insurance are receiving benefits currently only 89% of people up to 100%, and improved health care facilities, hospitals applying process improvement, etc. to try and improve the quality of medical services as well as medical tourists spurring improvements in the system for its own nationals There. Thus thanks to the extraordinary commitment of the government would care for the medical tourism industry could be revived.

Deneun Jordan is emerging as a medical tourism hub in the Middle East to other favorable conditions, but basically this is thanks to the development of the medical industry itself who faithfully support role. Attracts medical tourists to the development of the medical industry, the virtuous cycle tourists will have to re-enable the health care industry and the economy in Jordan formed.

Jordanian healthcare industry by its own factors and external factors are growing 10% annually. It is already the healthcare industry in Korea, which faces the step up to the advanced ranks in Jordan in order to expand into the Middle East market is large enough to consider ten thousand and one days.