Your Guide to Trade & Investment

 1. Korea and Jordan agreed on and initialed the Korea-Jordan Agreement for the Promotion and Protection 

of Investment at a working-level negotiation held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) of the 
Republic of Korea from September 16 to 17, 2002. The Korean side was led by Mr. Kim Kyung-soo, Director 
of the Economic Cooperation Division of MOFAT, 
 Head of the Legal Department of the Jordan Investment Board. 
2. The context of the Agreement includes national treatment and most-favored-nation treatment, limits on 
the expropriation of investment and compensation, guaranteed transfer of capital, and legal procedures to 
settle investment disputes.
3. After His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan ascended the throne in 1999, Jordan entered the WTO and is 
actively promoting liberalization policies, such as concluding an FTA with the US last December. 
Furthermore, Jordan is making its efforts to set legal provisions to attract more foreign investment.
4. The Korean Government appreciates the active liberalization policies of Jordan, and expects that this 
Agreement will provide a legal safety network to attract Korean investment in Jordan.
                                                                Spokesperson of MOFAT 

GDP Growth Rate: 2.0% annual change (2016)

Main Exports: Clothing, Fertilizers, Potash, Phosphates, Vegetables, Pharmaceuticals

Main Imports: Crude Oil, Machinery, Transport Equipment, Iron, Cereals