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►His Majesty King Abdullah II
  • Royal Vision

Since he assumed his constitutional powers as the leader of Jordan in 1999, His Majesty King Abdullah II has espoused an ambitious, progressive vision for the nation based on political openness, economic and social development and the values of peace and tolerance taught by Islam. His development agenda seeks to provide every person the opportunity to pursue a first-rate education, live in safe and affordable housing, find a decent job, raise a family and plan for the future.

Jordan Investment Board
  • Mission

The Jordan Investment Board is a government institution committed to working with the private sector to promote Jordan for its unique and friendly business environment and diverse investment opportunities.

The JIB presents state-of-the art services for facilitating registration and licensing procedures for projects, and offers all possible simplified procedures for investment

Jordan Tourism Board
  • Mission

    To lead the branding, promoting and positioning of Jordan as a destination of choice.

Royal Film Commission
  • Vision

    To build in Jordan a world-class, cutting-edge film industry where all people of the Middle East can freely make films alongside the world’s most talented artists.

Aqaba Special Economic Zone
  • Mission

    Contribute in enhancing Jordan economic capacity through:

    • Attracting investments by creating a world class competitive environment
    • Improving the Quality life and prosperity for the community
    • Insuring continues development on the basis of transparency, efficient utilization of resources, and achieving best results.