A Guide in the Tourism Sector


A Guide to Investment Opportunities in the Tourism Sector

"Through tourism, we`re able to open people`s eyes to what a magnificent land and nation we have here, and the tremendous surprises and treasures that Jordan holds."

His Majesty King Abdullah II

As Jordan`s Tourism Industry is becoming one of the Major economic growth drives that support the National Economy, the sensitive and appropriate Tourism INVESTMENTS are keystones and main tools that facilitate the interpretation of the Tourism Strategic Vision into REALITY. Investment is and will be more important within the Tourism Value Chain when the concerned local communities are integrated as key ingredients in the investment process which will lead to enhancing and enriching the tourism experience... the core element of the Tourism Industry.

Fields of Investment

Geographic Distribution of Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities According to Size of Investment

Large ►1,000,000 JD

Medium ►500,000-1,000,000 JD

Small ►100,000-500,000 JD

Micro►10,000-100,000 JD

Information Available on Investment Opportunities

This information provides the investor an initial idea of the investment opportunities suggested for the tourism sector and the available location and description for investment.

Contact Us:

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities welcomes interested investors for the implementation of any of the investment opportunities presented here. And welcomes any quiries about these opportunities.

Phone: +962 6 4603360

Fax: +962 6 4648465

P.O. Box 224 Amman 11118

Email: rami.q@mota.gov.jo

For more details about location and description of the elements of each project, please find the attached booklet.


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