Foreign Minister receives delegation of French dignitaries

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Ayman Safadi on Tuesday received a delegation from the French Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, chaired by council members Olivier Chegolotte and Gilbert Roger. 

Safadi stressed during the meeting the depth of the strategic relations between the Kingdom and France, which gained special momentum after the talks held by His Majesty King Abdullah II and French President Emmanuel Macaron in Paris last week. Safadi and members of the delegation also affirmed the strength of the Jordanian-French partnership, which reflects growing economic, investment and defense cooperation and coordination on ways to confront regional crises in order to achieve the common goal of enhancing security and stability.

He stressed that the failure to meet the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people is the basis of tension and conflict in the region and that resolving the conflict on the basis of a two-state solution is the condition for achieving comprehensive peace. 

And warned of the consequences of the continued absence of a horizon of justice for Palestinians and the demise of the occupation and the danger posed by unilateral Israeli actions aimed at changing the Arab Islamic and Christian identity of Jerusalem and its sanctities on security and stability. 

He said that Jerusalem, as affirmed by His Majesty King Abdullah II, is the key to peace and the preservation of its Arab and Islamic identity is an ongoing effort of the Kingdom to follow directly from the custodian of the holy sites, His Majesty King Abdullah II.

He pointed out the importance of intensifying the international efforts aimed at reaching political solutions to the regional crises, especially the Syrian crisis, which caused destruction and killing. They must stop by a political solution that preserves Syria's unity and cohesion. 

He added that the Kingdom bears huge burdens on the sectors of education, health and infrastructure by hosting 1.3 million Syrian refugees whose life and education needs must be ensured by sustainable international cooperation. He pointed out that Jordan has exceeded its absorptive capacity in relation to refugees. Kingdom in carrying these burdens. 

Safadi also briefed the delegation on the Kingdom's efforts to meet the economic challenges. 

Safadi and the delegation discussed the latest developments in the war on terror and the cooperation between Jordan and France to confront it.

The delegation, which is visiting the Kingdom in preparation for a report to be presented to the Senate on the regional situation, appreciated Jordan's role under the leadership of His Majesty the King to achieve security, stability and the model presented by the Kingdom in its moderate and wise policies.